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Screening series of the week: Retropath! teams with Neon Dreams - NOW Magazine Toronto

“Wonder why Toronto’s repertory cinemas are putting up lovingly bespoke posters for movies you haven’t thought about in forever? That’s because big-screen revival series are back in a big way, offering audiences the chance to discover a buried treasure – or reconnect with an old favourite – with an enthusiastic crowd, a knowledgeable host and sometimes even a floor show.”

Now Playing: The Movies Before the Movies - The New York Times

“The Royal is an Ontario institution — it opened in 1939 — but its preshows are a relatively new feature, added a few years ago when the venue shifted to retrospective and one-off screenings. ‘There’s no hard and fast rule for the preshow creation,’ said the programming director Richelle Charkot, ‘just as long as it’s fun and/or interesting, and appropriate.’”



TIFF 2018: 10 Must-See Movies, According to Film Experts - The Huffington Post Canada

"Strickland's propensity to dip into ultra-stylish pastiche is very earnest in a way that I find hard to dislike. With 'The Duke of Burgundy' and 'Berberian Sound Studio,' he's more than proven himself as a unique filmmaker. 'In Fabric' follows a cursed dress as it passes from person to person in an eerie department store, and I predict a moody atmosphere with lots of experimental, disorienting sequences — perfect for a Midnight Madness screening."

We Really Like Her!

“On this week’s all-new episode, Danita and Emily pick up ‘The Hitchhiker’ with Richelle Charkot, Programming Director of the Royal Cinema! Buckle in for a tribute to the incredible Ida Lupino: the only woman to direct an episode of the original ‘The Twilight Zone’ (“Masks”) and an all-around post-Code trailblazer.”


The Royal Canadian Movie Podcast


“This movie only has 15% on Rotten Tomatoes and that is an utter travesty. This week, Becky, Cam, and Richelle Charkot from Rue Morgue, Broken Pencil and the Retropath Screening series at The Royal enjoy/are totally unsettled by, 1982’s “Visiting Hours”. We talk the very mixed reviewer’s reactions to this film, inexplicable parrots, and the use of psychology and misogyny in horror films.”

The Important Cinema Club

“Justin Decloux and Richelle Charkot (Programming Director) break down the movies playing this July at theatre, which include EL TOPO (on 35mm!), JEANNE DIELMAN (on 35mm!) and THINGS (life-changing in any format!) We realize that a lot of listeners don't live in Toronto, but we hope that our discussions about the calendar introduces or reminds you of some great movies!”



“Justin Decloux and Richelle Charkot (Programming Director) break down the movies playing at The Royal Cinema in August, which include WALL STREET (in 35mm!), Edward Yang's A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY, and a double bill of BABE: PIG IN THE CITY and FURY ROAD.”