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Retropath! presents: MY BLOODY VALENTINE with director George Mihalka in attendance!

Calling all nostalgia-freaks, horror hounds and celluloid junkies! Are you looking for the latest cinematic thrill? Retropath has you covered. Specializing in the best flicks to stumble onto the screen, this series is guaranteed to deliver the wildest that cinema has to offer. Retropath also features a unique lobby pop-up for each screening, featuring local artists with weird and wonderful work for sale! 

7:00 pm - 'Lovely' pre-show and lobby pop-up featuring local artists! 
8:00 pm - Movie starts!

Friends and enemies of Valentine's Day and lovers of the Great Canadian Slasher Film rejoice, because our annual screening of MY BLOODY VALENTINE is back, with a vengeance! In a small mining town there has been a twenty year ban on Valentine's Day festivities, as a sort of superstitious practice after someone was brutally murdered on the day. This year, however, the parties are back on, and a group of local teenagers decide to celebrate in spite of warnings. Unfortunately for them, their night does not end in stolen smooches or getting lucky, but rather, a messy slaughter after a maniac killer has seemingly been summoned by the day. 

Join us for a raucous slasher film, filled with more blood and guts than you can shake a pick-axe at! 

Our screenings would be nothing without our freaky sponsors: The Beguiling, Delirium Magazine and Eyesore Cinema!