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Calling all nostalgia-freaks and celluloid junkies! Are you looking for the latest cinematic thrill? Retropath! has you covered. Specializing in the best flicks to stumble onto the screen, this series is guaranteed to deliver the wildest that cinema has to offer. Retropath! also features a unique lobby pop-up for each screening, featuring local artists with weird and wonderful work for sale!

"It's hard to think of another Hollywood picture with more to say about the sheer awfulness of 'normal' American family life during the 50s." -Jonathan Rosenbaum

James Mason hits the screen in one of the strangest and darkest cautionary tales of the 1950's, Nicholas Ray's Bigger Than Life! Mason stars as Ed Avery, a calm and reserved teacher who is suffering from severe pain and occasional blackouts. Upon finding out that he is afflicted with polyarteritis nodosa (an inflammation of the arteries), he is told by doctors that he has just a few months left to live. With no other option in sight, Ed agrees to undergo an experimental treatment: taking doses of the hormone cortisone. The "miracle drug" becomes just that, and he makes an incredible recovery, but when he begins to misuse the tablets and spiral into a psychotic episode, it threatens not only his own safety - but the safety of everyone around him. 

Bigger Than Life serves as a timeless melodrama with its lavish Technicolor glossiness, but it is never saccharine or easy to swallow. With James Mason's powerful performance as a man in the midst of a downward spiral, combined with the film's foreboding sense of dread leading up to an explosive ending - the audience is forced to confront the movie's criticism of 1950's morality. Strap in and take a dose of a very weird and very special little number, only at The Royal Cinema! 

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We have 5 accessible sections in our theatre in which you can reserve a head of time by calling! 416-466-4400 ext 0. One of our accessible seating areas has space for two mobility devices and a small section behind for the party to join. The other three are for single mobile devices with 2-3 seats beside it.
Please note that we do not have accessible washrooms. All of our washrooms are upstairs.