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Retropath!: EATEN ALIVE

Calling all nostalgia-freaks and celluloid junkies! Are you looking for the latest cinematic thrill? Retropath! has you covered. Specializing in the best flicks to stumble onto the screen, this series is guaranteed to deliver the wildest that cinema has to offer. Retropath! also features a unique lobby pop-up for each screening, featuring local artists with weird and wonderful work for sale!

7:00 pm - Pre-show & lobby pop-up featuring local artists! 
8:00 pm - Movie starts!

"You know how the last twenty minutes or so of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is Marilyn Burns running around like a crazy person, screaming at the top of her lungs with Leatherface chasing after her? Eaten Alive is best described as that twenty minutes happening for an entire movie." - Bloody Disgusting

After narrowly escaping the perverted paws of a frisky customer named Buck (Robert Englund), a sex worker named Clara finds refuge in a decrepit little establishment called the Starlight hotel, located deep in the swampland of rural East Texas. There, she meets the business's deranged proprietor, a man named Judd (Neville Brand), who is driven so mad from his own delusions that he attacks her with a pitchfork, and then feeds her to his pet Nile crocodile, who lives in the swamp beside the building. What follows is a parade of oddball hotel guests (including an acting masterclass in unhinged lunacy from William Finley), all invariably in grave danger at the hands of Judd and his vicious friend. 

Eaten Alive is wall-to-wall frenzied energy, all taking place on shadowy sound-stages pierced by bright colours (most commonly: bright red blood, of course), to provide a disconnected, horrific landscape for its viewers. Loosely based on the story of Joe Ball (or the Bluebeard of South Texas or The Alligator Man), who owned a bar with an alligator pit as a local attraction in Elmendorf, Texas. After several women began to go missing and strange flesh was found by his gators, he was suspected of the murders but was never formally convicted because he committed suicide before he was arrested. Eaten Alive feels like an inescapable backwoods carnival nightmare, offering one of the most bizarre experiences you can find this October without actually tracking down an alligator pit yourself. 

Our screenings would be nothing without our freaky sponsors: The Beguiling, Delirium Magazine and Eyesore Cinema!

The Royal has 5 accessible sections which you can reserve when completing the form to purchase tickets. One of the accessible seating areas has space for two mobility devices and a small section behind for the party to join. The other three are for single mobile devices with 2-3 seats beside them. Please note that the Royal does not have accessible washrooms. Customers needing an accessible washroom are invited to use the one at the restaurant B’saha (across the street at 599 College St.). Thank you, B’saha!