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Ladies of Burlesque and Retropath! present: FEMALE TROUBLE

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“Don’t even mention Christmas, Chicklette. My parents are going to be real sorry if I don’t get them cha-cha heels” – Dawn Davenport

Does the thought of WHITE CHRISTMAS and IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE make you want to puke? If yes, then we have the holiday event for you! Join fellow trash connoisseurs as Ladies of Burlesque and Retropath: A Bizarre Cinema Showcase co-present a yuletide celebration of teenage delinquency, unwed mothers, and crime sprees with FEMALE TROUBLE—John Waters' smutty exercise in debasement and degradation! Featuring a Divine-inspired burlesque performance from Dolly Berlin, this is the event of the holiday season. 

Sandwiched between PINK FLAMINGOS and DESPERATE LIVING in Waters’ “Trash Trilogy,” FEMALE TROUBLE stars the iconic Drag Diva Divine as Dawn Davenport—a notorious schoolgirl who runs away from home after not receiving cha-cha heels for Christmas. Addicted to shooting Liquid Eyeliner, Dawn steals, strips and prostitutes with her disobedient illegitimate daughter Taffy (Mink Stole) chained to a bed. After meeting married beauticians who photograph women committing crimes (Marian Vivian Pierce and David Lochary), Dawn sets out to prove that “Crime is Beauty.” 

Shot on 16mm and featuring the Master of Filth’s full cohort of perverted Dreamlanders, FEMALE TROUBLE is a cult masterpiece, a key Waters trash text, and a brilliant corruption of the fallen woman genre. Transgressive, shocking, and featuring an unhinged Divine at her greatest, attending this screening with all its “Divinity” is a great way to get back at your shitty parents, who, like Dawn’s parents, might believe that “nice girls don’t wear cha-cha heels.”