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Retropath!: KISS ME DEADLY

Calling all nostalgia-freaks and celluloid junkies! Are you looking for the latest cinematic thrill? Retropath has you covered. Specializing in the best flicks to stumble onto the screen, this series is guaranteed to deliver the wildest that cinema has to offer. Retropath also features a unique lobby pop-up for each screening, featuring local artists with weird and wonderful work for sale!

7:00 pm - Pre-show & lobby pop-up featuring local artists! 
8:00 pm - Movie starts!

On one night driving home, private investigator Mike Hammer nearly hits a young woman named Christina, who is running in the middle of the road. She is frantic - clearly scared and dressed only in a trench coat, and it is discovered that she has escaped from a mental institution close by. Down the road, a group of hired thugs waylay the duo, and knock Hammer and Christina out. Hammer wakes up in a dingy apartment, and can hear the desperate screams from his unexpected co-traveller, as she is being tortured to death in the next room over. They then take Hammer's car and put the two of them in it, pushing them over the edge of a cliff. Fortunately, he survives, and wakes up in a hospital with his assistant/lover beside his bed. Mike Hammer tries his best to forget the horrible incident as he seems to be relatively unscathed, but something within him wants to find answers, especially because before Christina died, she told him, "Remember me." 

Robert Aldrich's Kiss Me Deadly is a masterpiece in film noir cinema. It effectively marries the tropes of the genre with cold war horrors, as personified in the infamous briefcase - one of the most iconic MacGuffins to exist on film. Notes from Kiss Me Deadly would go on to inspire decades worth of crime, horror and science fiction cinema, because it is such a truly timeless and horrifying tale. Get ready for all of the dames, baddies and loaded pistols you could ever want with this must-see screening, only at The Royal Cinema! 

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